Students of the Biomedical Engineering School went to Wuxi Biologics in Shanhai for industry practice

July 31, 2018

On July 30th , led by teacher Ye Lu, a total of 30 graduates of our school including both undergraduates and master or doctoral students went to Wuxi Biologics in Shanghai to carry out industry practice activities.

The HR of Wuxi Biologics introduced the general situation of the company to us students. The company is the world's leading open and integrated biopharmaceutical capabilities and technology empowerment platform, equipped with huge R&D team and talent echelon.

Senior pharmacy alumnus of SJTU, who is the department head of WuXi Biologics R&D Laboratory, led the members of the experimental team to visit the cell culture process development department, downstream process development department, analytical science department, quality control department, protein science department, etc.

This visit reminded us students the important role biomedicine is playing in today’s society. Through this practice, students have a clearer plan for future career.