"Help Manufacturing 2025" School of Biomedical Engineering "Wing Program" summer social practice group visited Mindray Medical Company

August 10, 2018

The practice group's second stop was Mindray Medical Company in Shenzhen. The company is a leading high-tech medical device manufacturer in China and one of the global medical device innovation leaders whose global sales have expanded to more than 190 countries and regions.

On 19th last month, the practice group came to Mindray. Chen Xueyan from the Recruitment Department of Human Resources Center introduced the history of Mindray, equipment preparation and future development goals in detail to students.

After the visit, Minray invited PanDi, General Manager of Human Resources, Ye Bo, Technical Manager of R &D Department, Liu Wei and Chen Xueyan, Manager of Recruitment Department of Human Resources Center, to exchange ideas with us.

lt is hoped that this visit will enable students to have a deeper understanding of Mindray's medical industry, stimulate their determination to concentrate on scientific research and strive, and lay a certain foundation for their future career choice.