Our BME program has already graduated over 3,000 students,many of whom are industrial and academic leaders. These include, for example, CHENG Minghe, Vice-chairman of Mindray, ZHANG Hao, Chairman of EDAN,  ZHANG Qiang, CEO of UNITED IMAGING, Dr  YANG Yihong, Senior Investigator of NIH, and Dr LU Hanzhang, Chair Professor of Johns Hopkins University. Over the years, our alumni have made extensive contribution to the development of the School with generous donations, industrial sponsorship and mentorship. 
Dedicated development funds and scholarships have been established, which include, for example, "CHENG Minghe and YAO Jia Fund", "YAO Jia Excellent Teacher Fund", "Biomedical Engineering Alumni Fund", and "Class-80103, 80193, 80211,80271 Alumni Fund" to honor research and education excellence. Many activities are organized each year by our alumni to give advice to our staff and students in tems of BME education, career development, industrial and clinical translation, as well as future development strategy of the School.