Donation and Support

Set in the idyllic surroundings of the botanic garden and scenic roads of Siyuan and Dragon’s Hill, the new Health Innovation Building will be the new home to our BME School. With a total capacity of 43,000 sqm, the building is conveniently located next to the University administration headquarters and the National Facility for Translational Medicine. The design of the building reflects the innovation spirit of the BME School and through its creative architectural design, it blends harmoniously with other buildings on the campus. Functional space of the building will include state-of-the-art teaching, research and innovation facilities, as well as dedicated conference and meeting rooms. It will also house common research platforms for Biomedical Instrumentation, Nano, Molecular and Regenerative Medicine, and Imaging, Computational and Systems Biomedicine, as well as national/provincial research centres and key labs.


To support the future development of the School, we are raising a dedicated infrastructure fund for our new building, as well as an endowment fund to support our staff and students. Your support is essential to our future success, please join us in this fund raising campaign.


Infrastructure Fund for Health Innovation Building

  • Named auditorium(2x20m RMB)
  • Named conference rooms(5m RMB)
  • Named exhibition space(10m RMB)
  • Named teaching facilities(25m RMB)
  • Named common research platforms(3x30m RMB)
  • Named student innovation space(15m RMB)
  • Named student reading space and libraries(15m RMB)


BME Endowment Fund

  • Research endowment fund(150m RMB)
  • Staff development fund(25m RMB)
  • Clinical and Translational development fund(25m RMB)

 Thank you for supporting School of Biomedical Engineering, SJTU. You can make a donation through following ways:

       1. Donation online

       2. Contact us for donation

  Tel: 021-34208558