Medical Bioinformatics

April 16, 2021

Couse orientation: "Medical bioinformatics" is both an upper-level undergraduate course and a first-year graduate students

Course objective: This course teaches the main concepts and basic computational techniques of bioinformatics that address clinical and medical problems. It is an interdisciplinary course that combines clinical/medical issues, disease biology concepts and computational science and technology. Students will gain the fundamental knowledge of medical bioinformatics, the design of the computational biology problems and necessary applications and tools, latest advances in modern genomic technology, big data and precision medicine. This course’s teaching in fundamental concepts and in-class programming practices, will allow students to understand how to apply bioinformatics and computational science to solve scientific problems in life and medicine, especially in the area of big data procession and analysis and the precision medicine.

Main contents: The course covers sequence alignment, Markov model, next generation sequencing, functional prediction of disease variants, precision medicine and clinical genetic testing, as well as some Python programming in-course practices.

Instructors: Guanlin Ning