Scientific Writing, Integrity and Ethics

April 16, 2021

Course Description:

"Scientific Writing, Integrity and Ethics" is an introductory course designed to improve the writing ability of graduate students and establish experimental ethical awareness. It aims to enable graduate students (1)to understand the basic structure of scientific papers and (2)the ethical issues involved in experiments. Finally,(3)guide the students to complete the research presentation in an organized and clear way. This course will introduce the tools and software that can help complete the writing of scientific papers, the basic structure of scientific papers, engineering ethics, ethics of human and animal experiments, techniques for sharing and presenting experimental results, and presentation skills for conference communication or thesis defense.

The aims of the course are to introduce the basic rules and ethics in the activities of biomedical engineering research and scientific communications, and establish the sense of fundamental ethics and integrity as biomedical engineers or researchers.

Instructors: Jie Luo, Zongyuan Cai, Guanlin Ning, Guoyuan Yang, Shanbao Tong