Molecular and Nano Medical Engineering

April 16, 2021

Course Description:

Molecular nanomedicine will play a core role in solving the key problems that challenge the national health, including tumor, heart and brain blood vessel, birth defect and major infectious diseases. With the development of molecular biology, various omics and nanotechnology, molecular and nano medical engineering based on DNA, RNA, protein and other molecular levels will be used. In order to provide more accurate medical tools for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, it is possible to change the medical model fundamentally and have great social and economic significance.

This course will reunderstand the process of life related to the development of disease in the basic perspective of the basic thermodynamics and dynamics of molecular and nanoscale. It describes the molecular and nano medical engineering developed on the basis of the above understanding, introduces related tools and methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and displays the overview of the development of Biomedical Engineering on cell, nano, and molecular scales .

Instructors: Hongchen Gu, Li Li