May 4th | Inheriting the spirit of May 4th, BME students in action

May 08, 2020

The spirit of May 4th

Originated from 1919.5.4, the spirit of this day is patriotism, progress, democracy and science. Till this day, BMEers are doing their part to inherit and put these spirit in practice.

Anti-epidemic by science and technology

The team of Professor Hongchen Gu and Shanghai Zhijiang Biological Co., Ltd. cooperated to develop the first novel coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit in China;

Professor Xia Weiliang, the Ninth Hospital, the Shanghai Tsinghua International Innovation Center, and the Shanghai Public Health Center jointly developed "disposable anti-splash isolation towels".

Alumni Enterprises’ contribution

United Imaging Group and China Telecom made major contributions. The two parties jointly launched the "5G + Cloud + AI" new coronary pneumonia intelligent auxiliary analysis system;

Mindray Medical built a Sino-Italian critical illness expert anti-epidemic exchange platform to customize medical equipment solutions for Italian medical institutions;

 Libang Instruments has exported and supported countless sets of medical equipment to countries affected by the epidemic in March alone, with hundreds of V series patient monitors delivered to the Milan Convention and Exhibition Center.

BME students in action

Ding Shihui of the first party branch of Xuhui Master's degree in our school served as a volunteer for remote academic counseling and psychological counseling for the children of frontline workers who are fighting against the epidemic;

Wang He, also a member of the first party branch of Xuhui, participated in a two-day local community volunteer activity for “epidemic prevention and control”.

Gong Shengbo, Jingnan, Zhang Wenbo and many other BMEers are also dedicated to voluntary work in the anti-epidemic course.

May 4th is a day connecting history with today. Our BMEers will prove to every one that we have the ability and determination to face new challenges.