BME volunteer activities to learn from LeiFeng

March 25, 2021

On March 5th, the annual anniversary and to learn from LeiFeng, students of our School of Biomedical Engineering carried out a series of volunteer activities to learn from LeiFeng.

River bank cleaning

In the afternoon, students gathered along the river bank near the Cheng Ruiqiu Building, prepared to do the cleaning. Divided into several groups, volunteers succeeded in cleaning the riverbank, the sidewalks, and the athetic tracks. During the nearly one-hour course, students acquired a better understanding of the value and warmth of dedication.

Dormitory cleaning

On this day, some of our students volunteered to help to clean one of the dormitories in the eastern district of out school. They not only focused on the inner space of the dormitry, but also carried out their cleaning work in the open public area. The voluntary work refreshed the dormitory’s environment, thus relieving the pressure on the cleaners.

Those who help others always shine!