Replication Stress and Chromosomal Instability

May 11, 2021

Theme: Replication Stress and Chromosomal Instability


Host: Prof. Jun Huang


Time: May 13, 2:00 pm


Location: Lecture hall on the first floor in Shanghai Center for Systems Biomedicine



Dr. Huang Jun, Professor, Senior Investigator, Assistant Director of Life Sciences Institute, Zhejiang University.  The integrity of the genome is continuously challenged by both exogenous and endogenous DNA damaging agents that induce a wide range of lesions in DNA, such as double strand breaks, single strand breaks and pyrimidine dimmers. To cope with such DNA damage, cells employ a variety of repair processes that specifically recognize different types of lesions in DNA. These repair systems are essential for the maintenance of genomic integrity and for cancer avoidance. The overall goal of my laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying genome instability and tumorigenesis.