3D Vision Analysis and Its Applications for Protein and Medical Big Data

January 01, 2023

Theme:Innovation by Evolution: Engineering Next-Generation of Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors for Gene Therapeutics in Central Nervous System

Host:Dr. Zhen Li

Time:5th January 2023, 16:00-17:40

Location: Online


Recently, AlphaFoldV2 achieved the great success in protein structure analysis by taking advantage of appealing 3D vision technologies. On the other hand, the rapid growth and development of medical big data necessitate applying newly appealing deep learning methods for accurate and accelerated medical data analysis. Considering current medical big data is usually multimodal, noisy and limited to small number of available high-quality training samples, conventional machine learning algorithms seem to be less robust and effective. Under this particular circumstance, my research mainly focuses on how to exploit deep learning methods to assist medical big data analysis. To be more specific, in this talk, I am going to present my recent works for 3D vision analysis and its applications for medical big data. At the end of my talk, I would also like to introduce some other undergoing AI interdisciplinary topics in my research and future plans as well.