Bioinspired nanoparticles for activation of potent antitumor T cell immunity

October 11, 2023

Theme:Bioinspired nanoparticles for activation of potent antitumor T cell immunity

Host:Dr. Kuai Rui

Time:10th October 14:00-15:30

Location: 1-106, East Middle School, Minhang Campus


Immune checkpoint blockers (ICBs) have shown marked initial success for cancer therapy by reversing immune suppression on T cells. However, only a small subset of cancer patients can respond to ICBs. Further analyses indicate that non-responders often lack antitumor T cells, making it urgent to develop methods for elicitation of potent T cell immunity to improve the response rate of ICBs. In the first part of my talk, I will discuss using bioinspired nanoparticles to target innate immune cells in lymphoid organs and induce potent antitumor T cell immunity. In the second part, I will discuss using another bioinspired nanoparticle, which can generate reactive oxygen species to functionally mimic the process of phagocytes eliminating pathogens, to facilitate cancer cell killing and activation of antitumor T cell immunity. I will also discuss how these simple and safe nanoparticles synergize with ICBs and induce potent therapeutic effects on multiple tumor models and their potential for clinical translation.