Two Courses Were Recognized in Outstanding Undergraduate Courses

March 26, 2024

The Academic Affairs Office of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has recently announced the list of recognized courses for the 2023. Among the distinguished courses are "Introduction to Biology" and "Biomedical Sensors," both of which are offered by the School of Biomedical Engineering.

"Introduction to Biology" serves as a foundational course for students majoring in Biomedical Engineering. It aims to provide a systematic understanding of the essence of life processes and the significant role that biomedicine plays in addressing the challenges faced by human society in terms of survival and development. The course employs a variety of teaching methods, including theoretical lectures, classroom discussions, and laboratory experiments, to cover the basic theories of biomedicine and their applications in the field of human health from both microscopic and macroscopic perspectives. This comprehensive approach lays a solid foundation for students' future academic and professional endeavors in related areas.

"Biomedical Sensors," on the other hand, is a core elective course for undergraduate students in Biomedical Engineering and a foundational elective course for engineering students. This course delves into the fundamental knowledge of biomedical sensors, as well as the latest research findings and development trends both domestically and internationally. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including the definition, classification, characteristics, performance indicators, detection techniques, error analysis, and biocompatible design of biomedical sensors. It also explores the basic structures, working principles, characteristics, measurement technologies, and biomedical engineering applications of various types of sensors that measure physical, chemical, and biological quantities.