International Academic Forums丨Rehabilitation and Soft Robot Seminar

December 25, 2020

On the morning of December 16, the rehabilitation and soft robotics seminar was held simultaneously in the conference room of the Medical Robot Research Institute and the ZOOM line. The seminar was co-hosted by Professor Weidong Chen and Assistant Professor Guo Yao, with more than 100 participants online and offline.

The invited speakers of this forum are Professor Yu Wenwei from Chiba University, Associate Professor Su Weidong from the University of Technology Sydney, Dr. Huang Xiaonan from Carnegie Mellon, Dr. Huo Weiguang from Imperial College London, Dr. Feng Yanggang from the University of Tokyo, and Dr. Gao Fei from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Bao Shichun and Tang Zhiqiang doctoral students, Dr. Liu Yuanyuan from Queen Mary's College London, and Guo Kairui from the University of Technology Sydney.

Through this forum, scholars in the field of rehabilitation and soft robotics have a deeper understanding of key technologies such as the structure, materials, drive, control and human-computer interaction of exoskeleton robots, lower limb prostheses and soft robots used for rehabilitation, and I have more experience in the application of brain-computer interface, energy recovery and functional electrical stimulation in rehabilitation robots. I believe that the research of rehabilitation robots should pay more attention to the individual differences of patients, strengthen multidisciplinary collaboration, and provide innovation for the realization of precise rehabilitation, technology, and equipment.