International Academic Forums丨Micro-Nano Robot Seminar

December 24, 2020

On the afternoon of December 15, the micro-nano robotics seminar was held in the conference room N208 of the Medical Robotics Research Institute. This seminar was co-hosted by Associate Researcher Wang Xiaolin and Assistant Professor Ma Zhuochen, with up to 130 participants online and offline.

The invited speakers of this forum include well-known experts active in this field, including Assistant Professor Gao Wei from California Institute of Technology, Researcher Lu Haojian from Zhejiang University, Professor Sun Dong from City University of Hong Kong, and Professor Liu Feng from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. And young scholars at home and abroad, including Dr. Zhuoran Zhang from the University of Toronto in Canada, Dr. Xinghao Hu from Max Planck Institute in Germany, Dr. Dandan Zhang from Imperial College London, Dr. Han Bing from Tsinghua University, and Dr. Chen Jiang from the University of Cambridge. Teacher Gao Wei gave you an academic report titled Photoacoustic Imaging-Assisted Micro-robot System. From the chemical drive of micro-nano robots to biological enzyme drive, and even magnetic drive, he explained and analyzed for everyone one by one. The high-resolution photoacoustic imaging auxiliary technology of micro-nano robot imaging visualization is mainly introduced. Teacher Sun Dong gave a report entitled Intelligent Microsystems and Medical Health, and analyzed in detail the cell operation of micro-nano robots, such as the cutting-edge application of stem cell targeted transplantation to achieve biological tissue repair, which is expected to solve the medical problem of tissue and organ regeneration in the future.

Through this forum, teachers and students in the field of micro-nano robots have a deeper understanding of the control strategies, application prospects, current challenges and development opportunities of micro-nano robots, and they believe that the micro-nano robots are applied to the precision treatment direction of living organisms. It will be a significant development direction in the future.