International Academic Forums丨Fiber Micro Robot Seminar

December 22, 2020

On the afternoon of December 15th, the Micro Robot Seminar was held in the conference room N228 of the Medical Robotics Research Institute. The micro-robot aims to explore the medical robot technology at the slender and micro-scale, in the hope that it can penetrate into the narrower human cavity to carry out precise diagnosis and treatment of the tissue at the micro-scale. This seminar was co-hosted by Professor Jin Xuejun, Assistant Professor Gao Anzhu and Lecturer Xiao Fei. Senior experts and scholars from all over the world were invited to discuss the cutting-edge exploration and transformation applications of micro-robot related technologies online and offline.

Through this forum, teachers and students have a deeper understanding of the concept of micro-robotics and its key technologies, and it also guides the direction of how micro-robotics can play a role in early diagnosis and treatment in the future.