International Academic Forums丨Imaging Navigation and Medical Robotics Seminar

December 14, 2020

On the afternoon of December 14, the image navigation and medical robotics seminar was held in the conference room E200 of the Medical Robotics Research Institute. This seminar was co-hosted by Professor Zheng Guoyan, Assistant Professor Gu Yun, and Assistant Researcher Tao Rong, with up to 200 participants online and offline.

The invited speakers of this forum include senior researchers Professor Zhongliang Cu, Professor Yoshinobu Sato, Professor Jaesung Hong, Professor Zhuang Xihai; young scholars Dr. Duan Jinming, Dr. Yu Lequan, Dr. Zeng Guodong and Dr. Min Zhe.

Through this forum, teachers and students in the field of image navigation and medical robotics have a deeper understanding of the application of medical imaging in surgical robot preoperative planning and in-book navigation tasks, and believe that intraoperative image analysis based on multi-modal image navigation Problems such as medical imaging learning based on small sample annotations will be the focus of future research and development.