Summer Research Internship Program

April 05, 2021

Summer Research Internship Program aims to promote international research collaboration and enhance the academic environment. It offers excellent undergraduate students from around the world the opportunity to spend a summer studying at world-class research laboratories, alongside prominent research professors. It will prepare undergraduate students for further studies through intensive research experience with faculty mentors and enrichment activities.

In addition, participants will develop their research skills by enjoying lectures with topics such as “How to Write a Research Essay”, “How to Cooperate in a Project”.  Participants will also learn about Chinese language and culture, which will enhance their intercultural awareness and communication.

Please find more info. within the link below:

Effects of Freeze of Gait Prediction with Laser Cue Intervention on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Smart Imaging-Based Functional Evaluation for Contemporary Arthroplasty

Effects of Carpal Tunnel Pressure-induced Changes in Transverse carpal Ligament Structure on the Shear Wave Velocity: A Multiphysics Study

bFGF Genetically Engineered Endothelial Progenitor Cells for Ischemic Stroke Treatment

Developing Molecular Probes for Tracking Stem Cell Derived Exosomes in Live Animals

Development of Microsphere Hydrogel as Stem Cell Carrier for Treating Ischemic Stroke

Medical Image Synthesis and Multi-Modal Fusion

A Mass Spectrometry Technique Based on Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Combined with Mass tags