Bobo GU


Dr. Bobo Gu received his Ph.D. degree in Optical Engineering from Zhejiang University in 2012. After postdoctoral training at the Nanyang Technological University, he joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2017, where he is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Biomedical Engineering. His research focuses on the design and synthesis of functional inorganic and organic nanomaterials and exploration of their applications in optical imaging and phototherapy.

Education background

2003-2007 Bachelor – Nanjing University of Science and Technology

2007-2012 Ph.D. - Zhejiang University 

Work Experience

2012-2017, Research Fellow, Nanyang Technology University (Singapore)

Areas of Research Interests

optical imaging and phototherapy


Laser Medicine- BME7102 (Spr.)

Introduction to medicine physics- BI053 (Spr.)

Selected Publications

1. W. Pang#, S. Ding#, L. Lin, C. Wang, M. Lei, J. Xu, X. Wang, J. Qu, X. Wei, B. Gu*, "Noninvasive and real-time monitoring of Au nanoparticles promoted cancer metastasis using in vivo flow cytometry,”Biomedical Optics Express 12 (4), 1846-1857, 2021.

2. P. Jiang#, W. Pang#, S. Ding, D. Wang, X. Wei, B. Gu*, “Rapid ex vivo assessment of cancer prognosis by nucleolus-targeted fluorescence imaging using nitrogen doped carbon dots,” Analytica Chimica Acta, 338309, 2021.

3. W. Pang#, P. Jiang#, S. Ding, Z. Bao, N. Wang, H. Wang, J. Qu, D. Wang*, B. Gu*, X. Wei*, “Nucleolus-targeted photodynamic anticancer therapy using renal-clearable carbon dots," Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (16), 2000607, 2020.

4. M. Liu#, Y. Liu#, B. Gu,* X. Wei, G. Xu,* X. Wang,* M. T. Swihart,* K. -T. Yong,* “Recent advances in copper sulphide-based nanoheterostructures,” Chemical Society Reviews 48 (19), 4950-4965, 2019.

5. B. Gu#, W. Wu#, G. Xu#, G. Feng, F. Yin, P. Chong, J. Qu*, K. -T. Yong*, and B. Liu*, “Precise two-photon photodynamic therapy using efficient photosensitizer with aggregation-induced emission characteristics,” Advanced Materials 29 (28), 1701076, 2017.