Assistant Professor

Email : boyuzhang@sjtu.edu.cn

Office address : Room 432B, Wenxuan Bldg. (Minhang)


Dr. Zhang focuses on the development of micro-scale or flexible 3D arbitrary functional electronics and theragnostic robots. The research areas include multi-material and multi-functional micro 3D printing technology, micro robots and on-chip arbitrary microsystems, 3D micro soft sensing and actuating technology, implantable sensors and soft robotic system for MIS.

To achieve this goal, Dr. Zhang will focus on the following progressive emphasis: 1) The development of integrated printing technologies and post-processing methods to achieve the arbitrary micro 3D electronics with the fusion of structure and circuits. Innovative micro passive functional devices, micro sensing and stimulating arrays, integrated electric and on-chip microfluidic devices will be primary focused based on our technology. 2) Research also involves implantable flexible electronic devices and technologies, making these implantable devices intelligent. It aims to uncover the patterns and correlations of physiological signals during the patient's recovery process after medical procedures. Furthermore, it includes the development of biocompatible flexible electronic materials, power supply technologies, and communication technologies for implantable flexible electronics. This research aims to develop smart vascular stents, flexible implantable probes, orthopedic implants, enabling post-operative assessment and long-term monitoring.

Education background

2010-2014  Bachelor  Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University

2014-2019  Ph.D Department of Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University

Work Experience

2019-2024  Research Associate, Westlake University

2024-present  Assistant Professor Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Biomedical Engineering

Areas of Research Interests

High-precision, multi-material 3D printing technology

3D functional electronics

Soft robots

Minimally invasive theragnostic system

Selected Publications
  1. Zhenhua Wang, Boyu Zhang, Qu He, Hao Chen, Jizhe Wang, Yuan Yao, Nanjia Zhou*, Weicheng Cui*; Multimaterial Embedded 3D Printing of Composite Reinforced Soft Actuators, Research, 2023, 6:0122.
  2. Boyu Zhang, Jiaqi Chen, Xin Ma, Yi Wu, Xinran Zhang, Hongen Liao*; Pneumatic System Capable of Supplying Programmable Pressure States for Soft Robots, Soft robotics, 2022, 9(5): 1001-1013.
  3. Boyu Zhang, Penghui Yang, Xiangming Gu, Hongen Liao*; Laser Endoscopic Manipulator Using Spring-Reinforced Multi-DoF Soft Actuator, IEEE Robotics & Automation Letters, 2021, 6(4): 7736-7743.
  4. Boyu Zhang, Yingwei Fan, Penghui Yang, Hongen Liao*; Worm-like Soft Robot for Complicated Tubular Environments, Soft Robotics, 2019, 6(3): 399-413.  
  5. Boyu Zhang, Chengquan Hu, Penghui Yang, Zhuxiu Liao, Hongen Liao*; Design and Modularization of Multi-DoF Soft Robotic Actuators, IEEE Robotics & Automation Letters, 2019, 4(3): 2645-2652.
  6. Boyu Zhang, Zhuxiu Liao, Penghui Yang, Hongen Liao*; Robotic Visible Forceps Manipulator with a Novel Linkage Bending Mechanism, Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics-Transactions of the ASME, 2019, 11(1): 011012-1-011012-9.