Associate professor

Phone number : +86-21-62932914

Email : wangyao@sjtu.edu.cn

Office address : 309 Med-X Research Institute (Xuhui)


Dr. Yao Wang is an Assistant Professor (Research) in School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He obtained B.S. degree in Polymer Science and Engineering in 2010 from Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2016 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Then he joined School of Biomedical Engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and worked as an Assistant Professor (Research) in 2016. He has published a lot of papers as first/corresponding authors in related important journals, such as Adv. Mater., Biomaterials, Chem. Mater., and applied for 8 patents. His work has been supported by National Science Foundation of China, National Science Foundation of Shanghai, Shanghai Sailing Program, and Interdisciplinary program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr. Yao Wang has ever obtained the Best Poster Award in International Conference on Functional Materials (2014, Shanghai). His recent research interests mainly include: 1) design of micro/nano-biomaterials with precise architectures for biomedical application, 2) ultrahigh-throughput encoded suspension arrays for multiplexed biodetection, and 3) non-isolated and digital biodetection method for ultrasensitive test of biomarkers.

Education background

2006-2010 Bachelor - Nanjing University of Science and Technology

2010-2016 Ph.D. - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Work Experience

2016.11-present, Assistant Professor (Research), School of Biomedical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Areas of Research Interests

1. Design of micro/nano-biomaterials with precise architectures for biomedical application.

2. Ultrahigh-throughput encoded suspension arrays for multiplexed biodetection.

3. Non-isolated and digital biodetection method for ultrasensitive test of biomarkers.

Honors And Awards

Best Poster Award, International Conference on Functional Materials (2014, Shanghai).

Research Projects

1. National Science Foundation of China, PI, 2019.01-2021.12:

Construction of a high-throughput barcode library with precise micro/nanostructures and investigation of the structure-activity relationship based on encoding property. 

2. National Science Foundation of Shanghai, PI, 2019.07-2022.06:

A novel high-throughput liquid suspension array with precise architectures and the study of its fundamental encoding rules.

3. Shanghai Sailing Program, PI, 2018.05-2021.04:

Investigation of a multiplexed ctDNA detection methodology for targeted medication guidance of lung cancer based on a novel suspension chip.

4. Interdisciplinary program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Co-PI, 2020.01-2022.12:

A clinical study of the multiplexed cytokines detection in peripheral blood for therapeutic effects evaluation of the KRAS-mutation-type lung adenocarcinoma patients after immunotherapy.

5. Interdisciplinary program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Co-PI, 2021.01-2023.12:

A clinical application research of the multiplexed biodetection of carbapenemases based on suspension arrays and its correlation with drug-resistant gene and phenotype.

Selected Publications

1. Jiancong Wu, Yao Wang*, Hongchen Gu, Hong Xu*. Construction of macroinitiators labeled magnetic spheres as a notable signal amplification system for biosensing. Materials Letters, 2021, in press, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matlet.2020.129287. (*co-corresponding author)

2. Qingsheng Guo, Yao Wang, Cang Chen, Dan Wei, Jianping Fu, Hong Xu*, Hongchen Gu*. Multiplexed Luminescence Oxygen Channeling Immunoassay Based on Dual-Functional Barcodes with a Host-Guest Structure: A Facile and Robust Suspension Array Platform. Small, 2020, 16, 1907521.

3. Yu Zhu#, Jia Xu#, Yanmao Wang, Cang Chen, Hongchen Gu, Yimin Chai*, Yao Wang*. Silver nanoparticles-decorated and mesoporous silica coated single-walled carbon nanotubes with an enhanced antibacterial activity for killing drug-resistant bacteria. Nano Research, 2020, 13, 389. (*co-corresponding author)

4. Zhejia Gu, Simin Zhao, Gaolian Xu, Cang Chen, Yao Wang, Hongchen Gu, Yi Sun*, Hong Xu*. Solid-phase PCR based on thermostable, encoded magnetic microspheres for simple, highly sensitive and multiplexed nucleic acid detection. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2019, 298, 126593.

5. Hajar Masoomi, Yao Wang*, Xiaoxia Fang, Peirui Wang, Cang Chen, Kai Liu, Hongchen Gu, Hong Xu*. Ultrabright dye-loaded spherical polyelectrolyte brushes and their fundamental structure-fluorescence tuning principles. Nanoscale, 2019, 11, 14050. (*co-corresponding author)

6. Jiawei Wei#, Yao Wang#, Jiaxing Jiang, Yan Yan, Dongmei Fan, Xinguang Yang, Yi Zuo, Yubao Li, Hongchen Gu*, Jidong Li*. Development of an antibacterial bone graft by immobilization of levofloxacin hydrochloride-loaded mesoporous silica microspheres on a porous scaffold surface. Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology, 2019, 15, 1097. (#co-first author)

7. Ziliang Song#, Yongjie Ma#, Guanggai Xia, Yao Wang, Wasim Kapadia, Zhiyong Sun, Wei Wu, Hongchen Gu, Wenguo Cui*, Xinyu Huang*. In vitro and in vivo combined antibacterial effect of levofloxacin/silver co-loaded electrospun fibrous membranes. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2017, 5, 7632.

8. Yao Wang#, Xiali Ding#, Yuan Chen, Mingquan Guo, Yan Zhang, Xiaokui Guo*, Hongchen Gu*. Antibiotic-loaded, silver core-embedded mesoporous silica nanovehicles as a synergistic antibacterial agent for the treatment of drug-resistant infections. Biomaterials, 2016, 101, 207. (#co-first author)

9. Yao Wang, Hao Song, Chengzhong Yu*, Hongchen Gu*. From helixes to mesostructures: evolution of mesoporous silica shells on single-walled carbon nanotubes. Chemistry of Materials, 2016, 28(3), 936. (First author)

10. Yao Wang, Hongchen Gu*. Core/shell-type magnetic mesoporous silica nanocomposites for bioimaging and therapeutic agent delivery. Advanced Materials, 2015, 27(3), 576. (First author)

11. Sihan Xue, Yao Wang, Mengxing Wang, Lu Zhang, Xiaoxia Du, Hongchen Gu, Chunfu Zhang*. Iodinated oil-loaded, fluorescent mesoporous silica-coated iron oxide nanoparticles for magnetic resonance imaging/computed tomography/fluorescence trimodal imaging. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2014, 9, 2527.

12. Yao Wang#, Wenli Zhang#, Jixi Zhang, Wei Sun, Ruiyan Zhang*, Hongchen Gu*. Fabrication of a novel polymer-free nanostructured drug-eluting coating for cardiovascular stents. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2013, 5(20), 10337. (#co-first author)

13. Heyu Chen, Yao Wang, Jixi Zhang, Yingxin Ma, Caixia Wang, Ying Zhou, Hongchen Gu*, Weihai Ying*. NAD+-carrying mesoporous silica nanoparticles can prevent oxidative stress-induced energy failures of both rodent astrocytes and PC12 cells. PloS One, 2013, 8, e74100.

14. Lu Zhang, Yao Wang, Yaohui Tang, Zheng Jiao, Chengying Xie, Haijiao Zhang, Ping Gu, Xunbin Wei, Guoyuan Yang, Hongchen Gu, Chunfu Zhang*. High MRI performance fluorescent mesoporous silica-coated magnetic nanoparticles for tracking neural progenitor cells in an ischemic mouse model. Nanoscale, 2013, 5, 4506.

15. Mingqi Wang#, Yao Wang#, Yijie Chen, Hongchen Gu*. Improving endothelialization on 316L stainless steel through wettability controllable coating by sol–gel technology. Applied Surface Science, 2013, 268, 73. (#co-first author)