Imaging, Computational and Systems Biomedicine

Imaging, Computing and Systems Biomedicine covers the interdisciplinary fields of computational science, biology and medicine. The overall goal is to promote the connection between biology, engineering and computer science, and to create interdisciplinary and diverse research teams to systematically analyze complex biological phenomena. From cells to tissues and organs, we aim to develop new methods and tools, build models across space and time scales, understand the interactions among molecules, cells, tissues and organs, and incubate new biomedical systems for human health.


At the forefront of medical imaging, we will carry out research on multimodal imaging and applications, image navigation system and technology for medical robots, and artificial intelligence technology and application toward medical imaging. We will actively build R&D facilities with domestic advanced medical imaging equipment, and achieve new breakthroughs in core and bottleneck technology. At the same time, we will continue to work closely with clinical institutes to expand and deepen the clinical applications of advanced imaging technology, and promote its feasibility in real clinical scenario. 


We will study the various clinical problems in musculoskeletal system from cell to tissue to human movement. Biomechanics of musculoskeletal system covers basic science of mechanical biology, medical imaging, computational simulation, functional evaluation and surgical treatment. We will combine with big data analysis and deep learning to explore the causes of disease and optimize the rehabilitation process, thus provide strong support for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.


We will focus on research and development of innovative measuring instruments and biochemical technology, to facilitate multi-dimensional and systematic measurement of biological molecules, cells, tissues and organs under normal physiological and disease conditions, and to obtain a variety of biological samples of omics data and imaging data. We will create various bioinformatics methods, computational biology methods and intelligent image analysis technology, construct large-scale biological molecular network, in order to deeply understand and analyze cross-scale molecular function, cell network and structure of tissues and organs, and understand the occurrence, development process and mechanism of diseases. Our works will provide new strategies and clinical key equipment for disease early warning, personalized drug research and development, and new treatment.


Primary Faculty

Zhifeng Shao

Yiping Du

Chenggong Zheng

Jun Zhao


Qian Wang 

Yao Li

Zongyuan Cai

Qiu Huang 

Xiaohua Qian

Jie Luo

Guanning Lin

Yuan Feng 

Chenxi Hu

Hongjiang Wei

Zhiyong Zhang

Puming Zhang  

Binjie Qin 

Xiaowei Li 

Yan Guo

Hua Li 

Lichi Zhang

Yifei Yao

Xinhui Li

Yi Shen 

Huajun She

Yaoyu Zhang

Yani Kang


Ming Cheng