MED-X-Shanghai Mental Health Center Joint Neuroimaging Center

March 08, 2021

MED-X Research Institute-Shanghai Mental Health Center Joint Neuroimaging Center aims at establishing clinical and basic imaging research platforms based on the distinct strengths of the engineering schools of SJTU in engineering as well as the strengths of clinical medicine of Shanghai Mental Health Center, an affiliated hospital of SJTU. The Center are developing research teams by both recruiting outstanding imaging experts and cooperating with medical imaging experts from first class international medical imaging research institutes. The Center is striving to become an internationally recognized imaging center for psychiatric and neurological research.

The Center is led by Dr. Guo-Yuan Yang, KC Wong Endowed Chair Professor and Associate Dean of MED-X Research Institute, and by Dr. Min Zhao, Vice President of Shanghai Mental Health Center. The researchers of the joint research center will closely collaborate with Dr. Yifeng Xu, Dr. Shifu Xiao, Dr. Chunbo Li, Dr. Jijun Wang, Dr. Donghong Cui, Dr. Dengtang Liu, Dr. Yingying Tang of Shanghai Mental Health Center, Prof. Guoyuan Yang, Prof. Jun Zhao, Prof. Shanbao Tong, Prof. Qian Wang, Prof. Yao Li, and Prof. Junfeng Sun of Med-X Research Institute.

The major research directions of the center include:

1) To establish image data analysis platforms for development of functional MRI techniques, post-processing techniques for molecular imaging, and multi-modal data fusion and system algorithms software;

2) To establish a Clinical Imaging Platform to enable the center to become a multi-functional center;

3) To establish a data-sharing platform to improve data collection, sorting, storage and applications in both experimental and clinical research;

4) Applications in schizophrenia, dementia, emotional disorders, behavior disorders;

5) Neuroimaging-guided neuromodulation and clinical applications