Shanghai Med-X Engineering Center for Medical Equipment and Technology —Shanghai Sixth Hospital Center

March 08, 2021

Shanghai Med - X Engineering Center for Medical Equipment and Technology—Shanghai Sixth Hospital Center was established in 2009 with the funding support of Shanghai Municipal Scientific Committee. It is one of the key centers which have been established by SJTU to promote interdisciplinary research on engineering and medicine. Under the leadership of Professor and Director Bin Hu, the center has become a major base for large animal studies on thermo-physical treatment of cancer, image-guided surgery and neuro-rehabilitation for Shanghai Med-X Engineering Center for Medical Equipment and Technology. These studies are crucial for potential clinical applications of the medical equipment and for potential industrial commercialization of the equipment. The researchers of the center have developed several animal models, such as VX2 liver tumor model, VX2 kidney tumor model and VX2 bone tumor model, for evaluating the therapeutic effects of the medical equipment on cancer, and conducted tests on the equipment. A number of clinicians and graduate students have been trained in the center to master the use of the medical equipment, which has significantly enhance the capability of these people to conduct studies on ultrasound medicine. Currently the research team in the center consists of nearly twenty people, including faculty, engineers and graduate students.