Institute for Medical Imaging Technology

May 12, 2021

Shanghai Jiao Tong University and United Imaging Healthcare signed a cooperation agreement in March 2017 as the strategic partners to jointly create the Institute for Medical Imaging Technology (SJTU-UIH IMIT). With the goal of developing the world-leading and high-end medical imaging diagnosis and treatment technology, SJTU-UIH IMIT brings together world-class research and develop talents to lead the innovative research and technology transformation of medical imaging technology in China. SJTU-UIH IMIT tries to carry out cutting-edge multimodal brain imaging methods and scientific application research, medical robot image navigation systems and technology research, medical imaging artificial intelligence technology and applied research. Under the major challenges and historical opportunities, SJTU-UIH IMIT fully brings into play the characteristics of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the strong clinical transformation advantages and the unique resources provided by the affiliated hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and strives to become a world-class biomedical imaging research, technological innovation and educational research institution, to quickly promote and lead the development of cutting-edge medical imaging technology.

Through the cooperation between universities and enterprises, SJTU-UIH IMIT actively builds R&D facilities centered on the domestic high-end medical imaging equipment. By grasping the technological frontiers in this field, IMIT has achieved some breakthroughs in the core technologies and bottleneck technologies and has obtained relevant independent intellectual property rights. SJTU-UIH IMIT continues to work closely with clinical units to expand and deepen the clinical application of advanced imaging technologies; and through providing technical support to promote the clinical transformation of advanced imaging technology by providing technical support for it and assist in promoting the progressive application of domestic imaging equipment in top three hospitals and local medical institutions at all levels.

SJTU-UIH IMIT actively creates a high-end talent training base for national medical imaging industry through a multidisciplinary and multiple subjects talent training mechanism. At present, through continuous strengthening of the team of instructors and internationalization, SJTU-UIH IMIT has gradually built a team of medical imaging faculty with reasonable echelon, high academic level, rich engineering experience and advanced professional skills; through the mutual hiring and teaching of the tutors of both universities and enterprises, the joint construction of experimental conditions and the joint guidance of Master and PhD students and postdoctoral research, SJTU-UIH IMIT actively cultivate high-end R&D talents that will support the sustainable development of medical imaging industry in China.