NMPA Key Laboratory for Medical Electrical Equipment

March 18, 2021

Since 2012, the School of Biomedical Engineering,Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Shanghai Medical Device Testing Institute have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It is aimed to contribute on building a joint medical device standard research laboratory, a national-level key laboratory for medical electrical equipment for the State Food and Drug Administration, joint research centers, and postgraduate degree talents cultivation center. The laboratory has carried out in-depth cooperative research in the fields of technical standards, medical electrical safety, testing and inspection, electromagnetic compatibility, etc., which has accelerated the development of China’s medical device industry, enhanced the capability and image of a strong medical device manufacturing country, as well as promoting the Chinese standards to international standards.

The key laboratory is guided by the joint project. The two parties provide scientific research personnel to jointly form a project team, and clarify the responsibilities of both parties in the form of a contract to jointly promote the development of a series of cooperative research. The key laboratory has an open academic committee attended by well-known domestic scholars, whose main responsibility is to put forward technical review opinions on joint research projects. The key laboratory aims to create internationally advanced and domestic leading medical device standards and testing technologies, testing instruments and implantable devices, including new biological testing platforms. It is expected that through 5-10 years of construction, it will become a first-class platform for national medical device standard technology research, medical electrical safety, and testing technology research. Not only serving Shanghai, but also serving the whole country, the key laboratory will meet the global requirement, becoming a training base for senior engineering personnel in Chinese medical device industry. The key laboratory will also provide training and practical teaching bases for Shanghai Jiaotong University, cultivating students in both masters and doctoral degree.