Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Advanced Medical Equipment for Diagnosis and Treatment

March 18, 2021

In 2019, it was approved as the first batch of engineering research centers by the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission. The engineering center focuses on high-end medical diagnosis and treatment equipment and technology, undertakes a number of high-end medical instrument research and development tasks, provides key technical support for the development of my country's high-end medical diagnosis and treatment equipment, and leads the development of the high-end medical diagnosis and treatment equipment industry. There are 67 permanent staff, including 40 professors, 2 academicians, 4 scholars of national “Thousand-Talents Program”, 2 Chang Jiang Distinguished Professor, 3 Outstanding Young Investigator award recipient, 4 Young Thousand Talents Program recipient, 2 Young Chang Jiang Scholars, 2 Young Outstanding Scientists of Thousand Talent Program.


Major Research areas:

  1. High-end medical imaging diagnosis and treatment technology
  2. Advanced physical therapy equipment and technology
  3. Medical Robotics and Nanotechnology in diagnostics and Treatment