The Joint Clinical Research Center of IMR@SJTU-Renji Hospital

March 07, 2021

was established in December 2018. Renji Hospital was built in 1844 and was the first western medicine hospital after the opening of Shanghai. The clinical joint research center focuses on urology, which is Renji Hospital’s strong department. The structure of the urinary system is complex, so it is difficult to diagnose and treat cancer during surgery. At present, this kind of surgery mainly relies on optical urology and stained section technology. However, optical uroscope cannot observe microscopic cell-level information. In terms of image acquisition, the center will focus on real-time microscopy imaging solutions represented by confocal laser endoscopic microscopy, exploring in the areas of image quality enhancement and rapid reconstruction. In terms of content recognition, the center will focus on computer-aided diagnosis systems based on machine learning and large-scale image data, using the high-speed processing capabilities of computers and large sample data with annotations to effectively summarize pathological information, transforming mature technologies to clinical application.