Shanghai Medical Robotics Innovation Center

March 08, 2021

The project of Shanghai Medical Robotics Innovation Center was approved by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission in 2021, with the Shanghai Institute of Medical Robotics Ltd. as the construction entity.


Taking the R&D of key medical robotic technologies as the core, the Center leaps the industrial innovation of high-end medical equipment forward and widely benefits economy and society by transforming from science to technology and promoting the industrialization of major basic research results.


The development objectives are: (1) To strengthen the optimization and integration of cross-field innovation forces and to make overall planning for projects, bases, and talents to support the R&D of key technologies of medical robotics, clinical research, and industrial incubation and transformation by constructing the three major innovation platforms of innovative technology R&D platform, clinical research application platform, industrial transformation and service platform. (2) To carry out the researches on key common technologies of medical robotics, and to build a system for all technical sectors from basic research to robot integration and then clinical application and transformation. (3) To establish a “cooperative innovation R&D network”by building an open talent introduction mechanism and constructing a high-level core R&D team; to recruit the talents outstanding in technological innovation and result transformation globally by establishing a market-oriented incentive mechanism for performance evaluation and income distribution, and exploring an incentive mechanism for the result transformation to boost scientific research investment and team rewards, a flexible and interconnected talent introduction mechanism and the methods such as the project manager responsibility system.


By 2022, the functional platforms will have been completely put into use; the cooperation projects of clinical joint research centers will have been able to effectively solve clinical problems; a number of demonstration projects for industrial technology innovation and industrialization will have been cultivated; by 2030, all the objectives of the Center, then a comprehensive, integrated, and shared technology innovation platform, will have been accomplished. There will be a complete chain of industry, university, research, and hospital from technical innovation to clinical application and then industrial transformation, and a national-level base for the R&D and industry of domestic high-end intelligent medical device.


There have been many companies of medical robotics in the NeoBay Medical Robotics Incubator, which is the result incubation platform of the Center.


Director: Prof. Weidong Chen  

Director of Academic Committee: Prof. Xu Zhao 

Address: Room 407, No. 930 Jianchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China

Postcode: 200240

Phone: 021-34208200